Positive Futures Coaching

Feeling Anxious      Talk something through     Feeling Stuck

Want a new You      Need an Action Plan      Can’t make a decision         Feeling down in the dumps       Need to clear headspace    Looking for results     Plan your ‘move on’ strategy     Looking for change



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Want to find more time for yourself? Want to feel at home? Are you feeling sad and down?
Are you at a transition point in your life? Do you feel alone? Children left home and what now? Want to change career?
Are you wanting to create a happy home? Are you craving your own space? Financial pressures? Looking for more confidence?
Is Life just flying by? Do you feel in control of your life? Is Life just going round and round with no end?
Ready to look at your eating habits? Want to get fit? Struggling to be healthy?
At a crossroads and don’t know which way to go? What direction do you really want to take? Finding it difficult to make decisions? Thinking of a new career?
Are you being forced into a major change in life? Do you have to re-think everything you believe? Are you dealing with grief? Are you being bullied? Do you feel unloved and not accepted for being you?
Are you finding the time to enjoy yourself? All work and no play? Looking to expand your business?
Are you struggling in your relationships? Issues in your marriage? Some problems with colleagues or friends? Are you wishing for the ‘right’ partner? Going through or recently divorced?