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Combined wisdom, ideas, passion and knowledge

Group Coaching with Positive Futures Coaching

Groups are everywhere in our lives. We all belong to social groups, familial groups, work groups, friendship groups and many more. Groups are powerful. Group coaching aims to harness the power of the group to achieve positive change. Harnessing the group energy can deepen encounters with others, enabling collaboration, creativity and adaptation. Learning to cooperate effectively within groups is important in life and our achievements as a species.

With our guidance, the group becomes a pool from which to access the combined wisdom, ideas, passion and knowledge. A nurturing creative space within a group allows self discovery to take place by harnessing cross fertilisation and the development of ideas, so that group members can learn, change and grow. Ideas can be exchanged, enriched and developed through connection and interaction within the group, allowing each member to explore, share, bond and challenge themselves and one another. By participating in group coaching sessions you can learn from each other’s challenges and solutions, enhance your human qualities and learn to be more effective in the art of relating to people.

Our group coaching is structured around a theme where you can expect to explore, expand and share your insights, challenges and achievements safely. We are open to suggestions of themed group coaching and have listed some we are running below.

Depending on the specific course these will take place either in person at a venue near Petersfield or spread over a few hours once a week via video link.

For Pricing see each individual course.

Some of  the courses running:

  • Flipping Menopause – in person and online via video
  • Weight, fitness and mindset
  • Becoming an Adult – for 17 to 27 year olds
  • Reaching personal goals                                                                 
  • Work life balance
  • And then what? When the kids leave home                                
  • And then what? When we are looking for a new career            

Latest Workshop dates

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5 hours - in person

Wellness & Fitness Goals

Explore the link between wellness and fitness. How to set achievable, realistic goals.

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5 hours - in person

Weight, Fitness and your Mindset

Often wanting to lose weight and get fit but not quite making it? We discuss ways to make it happen this time.

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5 hours - in person

Becoming an Adult 17 - 27 years

Its an important decade - lets make it a really positive, productive and fun one to set yourself up for your best life.

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4.5hrs - online via video/3 evenings

Flipping Menopause

All biologically born women are going to experience the Menopause. A group session on all aspects of this time in our lives and how it affects us physically and emotionally and how we find the positives in the experience.