Understand how our pricing works

Each coach offers their own pricing. However most coaches offer an initial short exploratory conversation for free. This can help you decide if you would like to proceed. 

Often coaching will be offered as a package. This is because coaching is about changing patterns and habits, physically, emotionally and mentally, and therefore can take time. That’s not to say that single sessions are not useful for very specific needs. 

For pricing and packaging for each coach, see their page.  Each coach has their own pricing structure and payment is made direct to the coach you are using.  Positive Futures Coaching Ltd is not responsible for your sessions or its outcomes.  The contract is directly with your coach.  Pricing tends to range from £45 an hour upwards.  

Group Coaching pricing please see individual course.

Many of our coaches offer flexible pricing as we want to make coaching accessible to all. Contact your coach to find out more.