Frequently Asked Questions

We will support you on your journey to mental fitness.  We listen, we create a safe space to unload and think, we ask questions that help you find your answers, we may do some proven helpful self awareness exercises and we will create the environment for you to make all the changes you want in your life.

Anyone and everyone.  Whatever place you are in in your life, using a coach can help you to become more self-aware, able to not just cope with life but flourish.  You do not have to have a ‘problem’ to have a coach just as a person does not exercise only once they have pulled a muscle.  We will help you to become mentally fit and ready for what life throws at you.  

You may come to us wanting to make a  career change or lose weight but usually, in order to make the changes and take the steps to do so, we might end up talking about your in-laws or your siblings – wherever your thought process leads you.  We look at the ‘whole’ of you and really dig deep to help you make the changes you are wanting.

Right here!  We have a few coaches to choose from so head over to their bio’s and have a look.  You may immediately feel drawn to one person in particular but if not please feel free to send us an email or call for a chat and we can help. 

100% yes!  We are not professional counsellors or medically trained but truly believe (in most cases) we can help give you the tools to free yourself of depression and anxiety.   We do this by empowering you to find your answers via many means e.g. self awareness exercises and conversations with intense, non-judgemental listening by both the client and the coach.

Absolutely.  Coaching is perfect for helping you to find the career you love, can get satisfaction from, perform to your best as a manager or with your boss and colleagues and make the necessary changes required.  

Everyone is on the mental health line and you are at different points of this line throughout your life.  Often family and friends or work colleagues can help but sometimes the best course of action you can take for yourself is to talk to a coach.  People are very aware of the importance of physical fitness but mental fitness is arguably even more important.  With mental fitness you will find it easier to get that new job, decide on the direction you want to go in life or lose that extra weight.  A Life Coach can help you get mentally fit. 

Success can feel different for everyone. It’s difficult aiming for success if you don’t know what it means to you. Life Coaching can provide the space to explore what it means for you and find clarity to make it happen for you.

Through coaching you can examine where your comfort zone is and why it feels comfortable there, with these insights you can then open doors to moving beyond it in a way that is meaningful and desirable for you.

Through coaching you can look at ways to move towards positive change you long for and create strategies to move you forward from being stuck to a place you have longed for.

Coaching is a great way to help you open doors to move your business forward, tackle the issues that you have been avoiding and building on your successes.

It could be weight loss, an exercise regime, healthy eating programme; talking these through with a trained coach can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for you.

A discussion with a well trained coach can give you the freedom to take that last step, to give you the confidence to bring all the hard work you have put in, to reach your goals. 

Growth is what coaching is all about.