Meet the Coaches

Fiona Blackley

Email   fiona@positivefuturescoaching.com  or call/text  07825296728.

How I work

We will create a space just for you to aid exploration of the voice in your head and, with guidance, make, meet and exceed personal and/or professional goals.  My questions will help you to gain clarity and self-awareness so that you can know,  utilise and become your optimal self.  I take a multi-pronged approach and draw on the theories of CBT, NLP, Transactional Analysis and Positive Psychology to name a few.  I incorporate breathing exercises and visualisations when appropriate. 

I became a life coach because I know from personal experience how much being coached can help one live a fulfilled and joyful life.  You can achieve a successful life in whatever form that means to you and you might be surprised at how transformational giving yourself the space and time for self examination can be.   

I would love to talk to you and together unpack all those old patterns that make up your thoughts and narratives  so that you can travel more lightly through life, enjoy the ride and achieve what you are needing.   I can offer this online, in person, out in nature, or by phone – whatever is comfortable and works for you.  

I do a certain amount of pro bono work – please feel free to ask. 

About me 

Born in Jamaica, raised in Barbados, educated in England, I am from a mixed heritage background.  I have also lived in France, London and now settled in the English countryside.   I believe that self-awareness is an ongoing study and everything that happens throughout your life, can be a growing and enriching experience.  You are in control of how you think and react in any situation but it often takes effort, time and repetition for this to be understood both emotionally and physically and then, most importantly, lived by daily.  

Some of the events that have shaped me so far and things I love in no particular order – the sun, rough seas and sailing, boarding school, three daughters (first twins and then my third who is severely mentally and physically disabled), sailing the Atlantic with five others, IVF (ectopic and miscarriage),  the best friends who have my back, music and dancing with abandon, loss, Eckhart Tolle, elderly parents and dementia, books and literature, marriage and all that entails, travelling around the world for twenty months,  depression and grief, Japanese and Lebanese food, the Hoffman course, nights partying in the Caribbean, full moons and finally learning to be in the now and living a spirit led life. 

I hold an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching, Post Grad Cert Positive Psychologist and have an Enhanced DBS certificate and full insurance.  I have done courses in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Transactional Analysis. My past career was in the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Development Corporation. 

Email me – fiona@positivefuturescoaching.com or call/text  07825296728.

Pricing & Packages

Single session:


Package of six sessions: This will include a one-off check in after three months

£300 (to be used within a 6 month period)

Session length:

60 minutes


I came to Fiona experiencing frustration and a need to disentangle future hopes and plans from past life stages and a general confusion about direction…. She creates an atmosphere that is profoundly supportive, unrushed and flexible and I found her sessions have been an immense help. The sessions are very collaborative and working with this nurturing feeling of guidance, her insight and her support we sometimes took unexpected directions revealing issues, feeling emotional shifts and laughing too - At the end of my course of sessions I’m no longer muddled in the same way and I feel I’m left with a much clearer picture of where I’m going and why. The insights and ‘tools’ that we worked on during the sessions feel integrated into my outlook now and continue to help me feel resilient and steady. Fiona offers practical support as well as emotional support and this combination proved to be exactly what I needed to move on with enthusiasm and renewed confidence (Feb 8th 2024)

I was unsure of what to expect from transformational life coaching but couldn't be more pleased with the experience I had working with Fiona. She provided a comfortable environment for me to explore my thoughts, feelings and ambitions. Before working with Fiona it felt like my life was going in circles. I knew that I needed to make some changes in my life but had no idea of what those changes needed to be. I had a history of low mood and struggled to find much value in myself. Having attempted mindfulness and CBT in the past, I was skeptical of what another course may provide for me. The transformational coaching course that I went through turned things around for me. I was given a safe space to explore my thoughts, feelings and ambitions and was able to tackle issues that I’d been ignoring for years. I began to see the potential that my life held which lifted a weight from my shoulders and set me up to make some long overdue changes. In one of our first sessions, Fiona described herself as ‘a torch’. Her role was to help shine a light on the things that I was struggling to see for myself. This metaphor proved to be true. By providing a comfortable environment that I could speak freely in, Fiona was able to guide me to find answers that had been evading me for far too long. I rediscovered the importance of taking the time to check in with myself and now often encourage those around me to do the same. Having my sessions with Fiona provided a welcome break in my routine and despite tackling some tough topics on occasion, I’d always leave the sessions feeling positive about myself and the progress that I was making. The things that I learnt and rediscovered about myself during this time have remained with me and will continue to guide me through life. Adam

Fiona was wonderful to work with, and tailored her approach to my needs, with a really flexible and understanding approach. She really helped me at a difficult time and I would not have achieved my goals without her. It meant a lot to work with someone who genuinely cares and wants to make a difference - which she did and I will always be grateful. Carla

I really did not know what to expect from a coaching session but I knew I needed help and I was not in a good place mentally. Fiona was so calm and focussed and gave me the space to just talk everything through. I could not believe the difference it made over a few months. I feel proud of myself for coming through what could have been a really difficult time in my life and I feel stronger, clearer and happier than I have been for years. - Sara