Meet the Coaches

Libby Stanley

Email   libby_stanley@outlook.com  or call/text  07971108166.

How I work

I believe that coaching is the gift of time and space entirely dedicated to you. Your coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to work through your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a space where you are listened to without any preconceived ideas of who you are, what you like and what you should do. Your coaching will enable you to get to know yourself better, be more comfortable in your own skin, give you confidence in your decisions and ultimately give you more ownership of your life. 

Life isn’t just about the milestones and big choices. How you feel on a daily basis is just as important because those small moments add up. I want to help you find the clarity you’re looking for to make you feel lighter with a calm mind during the everyday as well as the greater periods of change in your life. 

After I first worked with a coach, nothing materially changed in my life – on paper. I was still in the same job, living in the same place etc. But how I felt had changed enormously. I felt happier and more content. I felt I knew myself better and I was more confident and comfortable about my thoughts, interests, decisions and ultimately what I wanted from life. I had learnt how to embrace all of that. It was game-changing. 

I want to do the same for you. My coaching style values self-exploration just as much as being goal based. We will work out what it is you want to achieve during your coaching and welcome self-discovery along the way. 

I have worked with those feeling stuck in their careers or life more generally, from setting up businesses and moving abroad and with those who just wanted to feel more like themselves. 

My coaching sessions take place via video call, phone or in person. 

About me 

I grew up on a farm in the English countryside and I now live in West London with my husband and two young daughters. But I’m still a country girl at heart! I’m a qualified Life Coach having achieved Animas’ Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching. I have also completed a Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regent’s University. 

I’ve worked in different parts of the asset management industry, from media and events to in-house sales and marketing at a sustainable investment firm. I have professional qualifications in investments and marketing. I studied Spanish at Bristol University and loved my time living in Buenos Aires and Madrid. 

I love being outside in the fresh air and walking in the countryside. I enjoy yoga and pilates and I’m slowly getting back into it – the reality of life with small children!

Email me – libby_stanley@outlook.com or call/text  07971108166.

Pricing & Packages

Single session:


Package of six sessions: This will include a one-off check in after three months

£325 (to be used within a 6 month period)

Session length:

60 minutes


I had a life changing experience being coached by Libby. We met at a time when I was at a crossroads with my career and she helped me find the confidence to set up my own business, which has been transformational for me. Libby is warm and insightful. She asks just the right questions which enable you to find the answers to difficult dilemmas and confront issues. She is very supportive and guides you through the process of solving your concerns like a wise, non-judgemental friend. I really enjoyed our sessions and found them extremely helpful and inspiring. I am so grateful to Libby for being instrumental in setting me free of everything that was holding me back before. A year on and I have changed careers and am happily running my new business. I highly recommend her services. Heather

It's hard to summarise in a few sentences just how impactful my coaching sessions with Libby were. Her constant calm is always so reassuring and she has an amazing ability to listen but also to challenge. Throughout our sessions we set goals and she was amazing at always checking in to see how things were going. Without Libby's support relocating to Canada, finding a job and setting up a life during the pandemic would have seemed at times overwhelmingly impossible. Her coaching sessions very much provided the space to voice anything and everything and I honestly could not recommend working with her more! Amy

Libby is a great listener and a highly empathetic coach. She’s intelligent and asks thoughtful questions. She leaves her own ego at the door and fully immerses herself in her client. During our coaching sessions, I felt that she really wanted to help me move forward and challenged me when necessary. Caroline

Before I started life coaching sessions with Libby I had been feeling down for quite some time; I had low self-confidence and was demotivated at work. I felt I was never doing a good enough job and had a constant feeling of imposter syndrome that I realised later I’d carrying around for many years. I had a feeling that I wanted to either change my job or change myself somehow but was scared to do anything about it. I had 6 sessions with Libby where we talked about all the anxieties that I was holding on to; she asked insightful and thought-provoking questions that made me reflect on my behaviour and situation with a new lens. Even from the first session I felt a light bulb go on and I started to feel lighter and more positive straight away. Libby is very kind and non-judgemental, I felt completely able to open up about my thoughts and be myself with her. The sessions came at a pivotal moment for me, so when the right job opportunity came along I had the confidence to go for it. I would definitely recommend Libby as a life coach, I’m very grateful for all her help that has led me to this new feeling of empowerment. Sally

Libby is an incredibly good listener and supportive coach. She helped me during a time where at work I was having interpersonal issues with my manager, which was really impacting my self-esteem and confidence as a professional, resulting in a negative circle of emotions where I felt I was not able to speak up for myself. I particularly appreciated her organised approach of laying out objectives, the pathway we would follow and the resources she would pass to me, all while giving me total freedom to explore the areas that, without knowing, were the most dear to me and my development. During our sessions she would listen carefully, never jump to conclusions nor suggest something impulsively. I believe that while expressing myself and my feelings, on one hand she would try to make sense of my words to be able to guide the conversation to the most relevant point, but most importantly she would try to give me the tools to understand why I would say things in a certain way and how those things were making me feel (emotionally and physically). She helped me recognise some triggers that caused me dissatisfaction and guided me to root them back to deeper causes of distress. Overall, my experience with Libby has been enriching and really positive as I came out of every session a little bit more self-aware and better equipped to face the issues that were holding me back from feeling "enough". I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a coach who, while on a journey of self-discovery, will be supportive but also encouraging of you to try and explore those very areas that are causing you pain and distress, all while taking little steps and doing exercises that feel totally achievable. Helena