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Mary Ashby Jackson

A conversation to encourage insights in order to be able to change thoughts, behaviour and make progress. Would you like to feel excited about life?

I work with a wide variety of clients, enabling them to unlock the door to a fulfilled future where finding what they are looking for becomes the fun of life. Together we explore what life has presented, take a look at where they would like to be, and create a way forward, always having an eye on what is realistic, achievable and purposeful. 

Change and transition are part of life. Some expected: marriage,  parenthood, children leaving home, mid-life, career change,  retirement.  Some not: injury, bereavement, redundancy, illness or divorce.  We feel fearful and don’t know which way to turn or what to do next. I offer coaching to discover clarity, a positive way forward and find the joy in everyday life. 

I was born, grew up and was educated in South Africa, come from a large family and have three grown up daughters. I have worked in a variety of fields including travel, home industries and commercial property. My studies have been broad: a degree in psychology and social anthropology, diplomas in marketing and counselling, energy therapy and coaching, not to mention life itself. 

You are more ready than you think you are………to find a future you are excited about. 

I coach by video link, phone, in person and walk and talk coaching or a combination of these. It would be lovely to hear from you, look forward to hearing from you. 


07887 800116

Pricing & Packages

Single session:


Package of six sessions: This will include a one-off check in after three months

£330 (to be used within 6 months)

Session length:

45 - 60 minutes

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"I felt I was not able to make decisions logically or even think straight. I felt unhappy and lost. Mary helped me by breaking down my concerns and seeing the way forward in situations I was facing. It felt liberating having someone listen and help move you forward. My biggest challenge was trying to overcome the irrational fears I had built up around me a protective mechanism which were preventing me from living a full life. At first, I was apprehensive about taking up the coaching, I had counselling in the past and at first felt maybe that's what I needed. But I decided I wanted someone to move me forward and although counselling really helped and supported me, I wanted to learn a different set of life skills to implement real change and make me feel more empowered to not exist but live. Working with Mary provided me with the space, confidence to be open she never judged me or said that was right or wrong. The key difference to counselling I found was that coaching is about making changes and moving forward. We can't change the past, but I realise I can change my future by changing my toady. The coaching allowed me to overcome some key barriers in my life, I remember what she taught me and use this every day to help me move forward. I would highly recommend Mary as a coach; she is supportive kind and caring.”

"I was seeking guidance and coaching for a very challenging personal issue and the coaching has helped me much more than I initially anticipated. Mary provides a nurturing a space for me each week to speak openly about some very sensitive issues. Rather than imparting her own opinions Mary’s coaching very gently guides you to place where you can find the answers to your own questions and helps you to tap into your own wisdom which helped me to feel empowered during a time when I felt quite helpless. Mary set with me with a focus each week that I could go away and work with, which made it feel like an ongoing process rather than an isolated weekly session. The coaching is on going for me, but I am slowly starting to make sense of the challenges I am facing. I feel great comfort from my sessions with Mary, and have also learnt a lot about myself in the process. The path ahead is starting to feel much clearer and the knowledge that I have this coaching is a real life line for me. I can’t thank Mary enough for her intuition, guidance and mentoring through this challenging time in my life.”

Mary has really helped me and my business in terms of getting things ordered, prioritised and ultimately giving value to certain things. As with any business I had a number of things on the go before I met Mary. The coronavirus pandemic was in full flow and as a business owner that was a very uncertain time. My issues were often which way to turn, how to position my company and what elements to target. As with any coach one is always a little unsure if this is going to be fruitful or waste even more time, however from the first meeting Mary was superb. She helped me realise the blocks that I had fought to pretend weren’t there. Often these are in parts of our lives or business that we feel are completely separated, but surprise surprise everything is linked. Mary has an extremely useful skill of understanding the situation, helping to break it down and looking at it from other angles. She helped me understand why things that I had spent a long time on weren’t giving me the results I craved. She gave me tools to use that I hadn’t considered before, and tools that I have continued to build into running my business. She was flexible with timings, supportive, non-judgemental and fun. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions and will definitely be seeing her again.”

“After a chance meeting, I engaged the coaching and development services of Mary, to assist me with dealing with some life issues I was experiencing at that time. Mary was extremely supportive and quickly helped me define my areas of vulnerability and guided me in developing a dedicated plan to improve those areas. Through an empathetic lens, Mary diligently led me through a very difficult period by establishing goals, targets, and exercises that enabled me to win back my confidence therefore allowing me to make the difficult decisions that my situation required at the time. Although we were in different countries and in the middle of a pandemic, Mary was always dedicated to our sessions and showed an ability to remain engaged in my journey and the achievement of my goals. I cannot recommend Mary enough.”